We will focus on children setting their own goals, seeing progression and constant learning whilst making sure the classes are always fun including games for our younger members. As we want to encourage the children to lead an all round healthy lifestyle outside of the gym, we will be including nutrition and mental wellness talks within the sessions.


Here at CrossFit Putney, our aim is to have fun and inclusive children’s classes. We want to instil in them strong movement foundations allowing them to become stronger, fitter, faster and more confident, now and for life.

No matter if your child is already very much into their sport, or if they are still finding their passion, our classes are entirely scalable allowing each child to achieve their potential.

Our classes are carefully programmed around a specific focus - changing every half term or so - allowing the children to see ongoing progress. We also ensure that the classes are fun, as without the element of fun, no class is ever appealing for long!

As health isn’t just about being active, our classes also include discussions on nutrition, sleep, stress and other aspects of our lifestyle that impact our general wellbeing.

Joining our classes at CrossFit Putney isn’t simply helping your children today, it is an investment in their future.

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