All our classes are designed to support you in your fitness journey no matter your fitness level! We have a range of classes from CrossFit, Sweat, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Yoga, Build as well as monthly in-house events and workshops hosted by industry experts!


Improving health and fitness with a broad approach. A workout and coaching programme that’s based on developing all aspects of fitness simultaneously. Our regular CrossFit consumers will develop a deep fitness that will allow them to perform their everyday lives in a more fulfilled manner, because they won’t be physically restricted by anything. This will also lead to the autonomous decision to enjoy using their body however they like, with the options of movement or competitive participation, the CrossFit class sets you up for both.



Build a foundation of strength and fitness to develop ‘deep health.’ Constantly reviewing and progressing basic patterns and concepts to build a formidable body that is capable of learning new skills and exploring new movements that most likely seemed unimaginable prior to such progress. The Sweat class is not a simple cardio-fest, it is curated to build up foundational strength and fitness to allow you to get on with the things you love - although it will certainly leave you, and everyone who attends, in a puddle of sweat.

Members training using weights in the gym space.

Olympic Weightlifting

To explore and develop a sacred art of strength, speed and technique, because you have the ability too. Improve your flexibility, get freakishly strong and learn to look after your body with this truly unique approach. The olympic weightlifter possesses ultimate athleticism, which is why this training methodology goes hand in hand with a truly healthy body and mind.

A member using the wall-balls to exercise while two members train using a deadlift bag.


Bulletproof your body to become stronger and more resilient. Strength is one of the largest contributors to warning-off injuries, higher age expectancy and higher performance, and as such we’ve developed a programme that is built to build you up and not just break you down. Anyone can make themselves sore and tired, but lifelong strength development comes from a very refined practice, and that’s exactly what Build is. Get stronger year after year and never look back at the old you.

Members stretching during the power yoga class on mats.


Discover deep focus, relaxation, relief and limitless physical access. True yoga knows the depth of its power and that its strength lies in reaching far more areas than we are currently capable of believing. True yoga unwinds us and brings us closer to the real us, whilst also removing us and bringing us closer to a larger purpose. Regular yoga goers leave month after month with not just more flexibility but more appreciation for life and more gratitude for the day.

A member being guided on how to do a hand-stand walk by a coach.


Gain complete control of your body and transform the way you look at exercise. Gymnastics isn’t about performing things that just look cool, it’s recognising that the way you exercise doesn’t have to be confined to gym corners, weights and cardio machines. Whilst everything should have a place, this exercise style will teach you that amazing progress in strength and capability can be achieved with all the equipment you already have, and that’s your body. Calisthenic goers have a true appreciation for consistency, patience, strength and freedom. Become a true master of bodyweight movement and strength when you begin to stack these classes for a long time.


If That Wasn't Enough, You Can Add On!

Personal Training

Discover personalisation so unique that you didn’t think it could work in that way. Personal training isn’t about someone watching you exercise. Personal training is about learning your why’s and aligning it with your what’s. A truly deep ‘why’ is beyond surface level, and will be the real reason that connects you with what you’re doing - without such a deep resonation you’ll always struggle to achieve what you want, because you don’t understand it

Your ‘what’ is the concepts and tools you use to move you out of your current situation and into your ideal life. Our coaches know just how many ways there are to achieve a goal and they won’t be shy about helping you explore which is the best one for you. This isn’t life coaching, this is simply education and guidance to move you towards your goals in a sustainable and lifelong approach, and not a plaster fix that doesn’t last longer than 6-8 weeks.

Two people celebrating after a workout.

Foundation Pack

Our Foundation Pack consists of 4 classes, each with different focuses, diligently curated to give you the best head start in your journey as a CrossFit Putney member. Not only do we go through the fundamentals of CrossFit, but we go through the process of becoming fit and healthy by using this trusted method, broken down to its simplest, most easy-to-understand way. No jargon, just the necessary building blocks for you to become the best version of yourself.



6 weeks of delicately planned workouts to get you feeling more like you again. With enough space to ensure you're always just an arms length away, your little one can come with you to classes so you don't need to worry about getting additional care. A dedicated hour of you time, as well as the tools you need to keep things progressing long after the classes end.

Starting Friday 3rd Feb 10:45-11:45
Maximum of 10 people per block


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