Whilst we feel very strongly about the fitness element of everything we do at CrossFit Putney, we feel even stronger about our community, which is the glue that holds us together. We encourage an all-inclusive social environment, that encourages everyone and anyone to develop themselves alongside like-minded others.

Team Games

16 Jul 2022

Celebrating 3 years of CrossFit Putney. 3 years of watching people change their lives for the better. 3 years of meeting locals as well as people from the other side of the world, all coming together to share a love for health and fitness in an inclusive, warm and accepting environment. Our 3rd anniversary, celebrated with a member exclusive throwdown. What a night to remember!



16 Jul 2022

15 of us went on a retreat like no other. A morning workout on the pier, breakfast of your choice and then exploring the secret islands and history of Herceg Novi. Not forgetting the daily activies, group meals and lowdown time to yourself, this trip really did have it all. The CrossFit Putney community isn't just Putney!

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Sports Day and Social

16 Jul 2022

The CrossFit Putney Summer Sports Day - a day like no other! A full day of great energy and community atmosphere is what makes days like these so unforgettable. These fun and inclusive days are what shape and grow our incredible group of members.⁠⁠ On top of that we have to thank some amazing partners that sponsored and supported the day with fantastic prizes, food, drinks and goodie bags.⁠⁠⁠

Member of the Month

26 Apr 2022

Meet member Jaquie. We absolutely love the energy she brings into class and her view on working out no matter your age. Find out why Jacquie loves CrossFit and what special guest accompanies her every session!

Member Testimonial

21 Jun 2022

Leading from the front, our member's know that if they want to reap the rewards they need to put in the effort, which is exactly what Sadie has done. We like to have fun, but we also like to work hard and enjoy seeing it pay off!⁠⁠ What you want won't happen by chance, it will only happen by work. Watch the video to find out what can happen with the right environment and the right attitude towards personal growth.

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