April 2024 Programming Blog

April 8, 2024

What CrossFit is Really About


We do a bit of this and we do a bit of that. We love the variation, the functional movements and the feeling of improving ourselves 1% everyday (although it doesn't always feel like it). This month is about embracing these cornerstones of great CrossFit and leaning into a 'balanced' month. Usually I'll write  a block of programming that is balanced for the most part, but has some priority focuses in terms of strength, skill, specific type of fitness etc. This works, without a doubt, really well, and even though within those blocks we see a little bump up in each area, it's still not completely well-rounded. This block though, we're going to run though a 'checking everything off the list' approach. Why? Because variation is useful in more ways than just creating different priorities every block. We'll be going long, medium and short, using light, moderate and heavy loads, performing high skill and low skill movements, and you get the point. We've got a lot of things coming up! But fear not, there is still plenty of method behind this programming, this is not a randomised collection of workouts, it is stacked with balance so everything fits and you receive a very well-rounded fitness improvement by the end of the month.


I'll stop rambling now, here are the golden nuggets you've got coming your way in this block:



Classic Workouts

CrossFit Putney Bleep Test

Heavy Isabel




Deadlift 3-rep max

Strict Handstand Push-Up



Bar Muscle-Up


Games Workout

'Echo Thruster Final - Pairs Edition'

For time:


Echo Bike calories (each)

Thrusters (50/35kg)-(60/40kg)-(70/50kg)

Then, 200-foot overhead plate lunge (25/15kg)


Olympic Weightlifting

3-rep max snatch

3-rep max clean & jerk



5-rep max strict press

6-rep max back rack reverse lunge

10-rep max chin-up

6-rep max front squat



Freestanding handstand hold



20 ring muscle-ups
40 pistol squats

Max reps in remaining time: burpee toes to bar


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