Head Coach News - April Programming

Head Coach - Michael Gornall

March 31, 2022

This month's training has been focused on exposing us to a new way of developing skills, and seeing some consistent strength progressions. Part of our Monday sessions have been reserved for some back squat strength work. We’re looking to add some kilos on this movement, whilst still keeping the reps fairly high. I’m a huge fan of getting your higher reps stronger before your lower reps. I like this for a handful of reasons but truly I like it most because you’re less likely to get injured with higher reps, you get more exposure to the movement which means an accelerated rate of learning, and it leaves plenty in the tank to add more kilos to the lower reps later down the line. So we’re going to continue working some progressions to get that up in the next few weeks, with some opportunities to test that higher rep strength.

On top of this we’re developing our pull-ups, across the individual spectrum. This means pull-ups for everyone, whether it’s getting your first kipping pull-up or your first negative pull-up - we’re going to continue building these up whilst giving you plenty of chances to test where you’re at and see how far you’ve come. At the moment we’re working our pull-ups in an isolated environment, which means doing it without anything else interfering. But very soon we’re going to be adding them into workouts to really take it up a gear and take that new found strength and skill and put it to good use.

Whilst these are the two main focuses, I’m absolutely not implying that everything else falls to the wayside! We’re working hard on some shoulder strength with accessory finishers and low impact shoulder-heavy workouts, which will eventually turn into strength progressions as we blend this current focus into the next. Alongside this we’re developing some longer interval fitness through EMOMs and partnered workouts - so get ready to surprise yourself after this block with a genuinely larger engine that helps you get more from your conditioning workouts.

As always, the entirety of this training block is designed to potentiate the next block. Once we’ve laid down some of the hard work, we’re going to recognise the rewards with some testers and then get to work using the new abilities in the block.

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