Coach Sam's February 2024 Blog

February 10, 2024

Hard work pays off is a universally recognised mantra that resonates not only with CrossFitters but also with many others striving to surpass their limits. This blog aims to delve into the true meaning of this phrase and how it can lead to improvement in CrossFit.


Many perceive "hard work pays off" as pushing oneself to the limit every day (physical exhaustion, leaving nothing in the tank, going beyond your current capacity etc..), frequently disregarding proper technique to prioritise intensity, and viewing quantity as more beneficial than quality. However, this mindset often leads to short-lived improvements, at best. The real essence of this mantra lies in embracing the unglamorous aspects of training that most people avoid due to ego or fear of exposing weaknesses. Yet, acknowledging and addressing these weaknesses is crucial for becoming a better CrossFitter, whether for competition or for general health purposes.


So, what exactly are the 'unglamorous' aspects of training? 


It's the challenging, focus-consuming, and disciplined tasks that we often resist. Examples include reducing intensity to refine technique, including movement regressions and speed. Its prioritising movement standards whilst trying to maintain an adequate level of intensity, rather than mindlessly aiming for 'prescribed' weights, and its especially adopting smarter pacing strategies (which in most cases means negative splits). Consistent dedication to the less glamorous aspects of training is where enormous progress can be made, and the type that lays the foundation of more progress for years to come. Rather than focusing on the more glamorous aspects, only having to take several steps back later in the journey because you skipped them at the start (trust me when I say, from personal experience this is a very unenjoyable route to go down!).


The point is, all of us coaches at CrossFit Putney embrace the philosophy of working hard so that your hard work pays off, but more importantly going beyond just physically tiresome work, but a well-rounded approach to hard work. Whether it's CrossFit, Sweat, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Boxing, or Yoga, we aim to identify all areas for improvement and guide you towards applying your efforts effectively and efficiently. Knowing when to push really hard and when not to, is a skill that will set you up for a lifetime of progress.


Trust us when we say we have your back.


See you in class.

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