Coach Sam's March 2024 Blog

March 6, 2024

  • Strengths of CrossFit

Constant Variance:

I find CrossFit mentally engaging due to its high variety of movements, different rep schemes, time domains and endless workout formats, which keeps me in a constant state of learning. This isn’t to say there is no structure to the workouts; there is a balance of structure and the introduction of new elements, and this balance, I believe, creates a highly productive training environment (my second point) which is great for skill development and retaining enthusiasm.

As mentioned, variety isn’t just about keeping things interesting. For some, repeating the same routines or exercises session after session can be productive, but it can be boring for others (me included, and probably most of you). This loss of interest often leads to stagnation whereas introducing new elements and challenges keeps training dynamic and engaging, which builds incredible buy-in and consistency, which ultimately leads to incredible results.

The Environment:

Since I began training CrossFit, what really separated it from other methods and facilities was the environment. While the content and structure of training will forever remain important, the environment in which training takes place significantly influences my (and of course gym members') overall experience, adherence and workout intensity.

The atmosphere within a session, I believe, is a crucial to the overall experience. The correct atmosphere excels everyone, by cultivating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. This may mean interacting with each other, even if you don’t know each other, ensuring inclusivity, leaving no individual feeling left out or less important than others.

By having an inclusive and supportive environment, you're promoting team spirit where everyone supports each other, regardless of their skill level or experience. CrossFit is a space where you  feel safe to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them. This positive and secure atmosphere not only enhances the overall experience for you but also fosters a sense of belonging and community for everyone else. This paired with the power of the methodology is what keeps us coming back again, and again, and again, and see years of progress whilst it enjoying it (almost) every step of the way!

See you all in class.

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