February 2024 Programming Blog

February 10, 2024

Every day, of every week, of every month, we're adding another brick. Last month though, some seriously large bricks were put down! It was incredible to see so much progress from so many of you to kick-start the year. After a month like that, we want to keep the momentum going without getting caught in the trap of going overboard. February continues to build our foundation, but with a few extra twists in there. With new strength focuses and shortening the time frame for fitness goals to prep for The Open, this month is gonna blow up just like last month's.

Here's what's coming up this month:



Classic Workouts

Open workout 20.1

Open workout 17.5



Thruster 1-rep max

Power Clean 1-rep max



Kipping pull-up

Kipping handstand push-up


Games Workout

Heavy DT


Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch 1-rep max

Clean & Jerk 1-rep max



6-rep max front rack reverse lunge

5-rep max weighted dip

5-rep max barbell power row




6 toes to bars

9 push-ups

12 pistols

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