Head Coach Monthly News April 2023 - Programming

April 4, 2023

Building The Pyramid


Programming Talk

It’s time to get back to working on our base, building the bottom of the pyramid so we can have a higher top point! What does this actually look like?


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Higher rep strength lifts, which later translates into medium then lower rep strength lifts, to make us stronger than ever. We’ll keep this theme for all of our major movement patterns. 6-10RMs in your back squat, front squat and deadlift, as well as in your upper body pushing and pulling through pull-ups, push-ups (horizontal and vertical), strict press and row variations. On top of these we’ll be stripping back the intensity of our technical lifts - as better technique is not only safer (short term and long term), but will allow us to lift heavier loads further down the line. So we’ll have some new benchmark weightlifting workouts that are coming your way!


Keeping with this theme, to learn and improve skills, we need it to be fairly isolated and calm, which means we’ll be dedicating time each week to work on technical movements without the concern of an echo bike making it difficult. That will come in the form of 8-12 minute running clocks, EMOMs and interval style formats, accumulating as many good reps as possible whilst getting plenty of feedback from the coaches to help you progress.


On top of high-rep strength development and technique work, we’ll be working on our overall endurance with medium to long workouts, with some shorter intervals sprinkled in, so we don’t forget how to push the pace and know how to keep the fire burning. We’ll of course have some benchmarks for these as well, that we’ll be testing and retesting at the end of the 8 weeks. The new 8 week block has already begun and runs adjacent to our Build and Weightlifting testers - so we’ll be seeing all of the below (some before and after) on the weeks commencing 22nd and 29th May.


Base Strength

Back squat 10RM

Front squat 8RM

Deadlift 6RM

Strict press 10RM

Weighted pull-up 5RM


Skills Testing

Max kipping/butterfly pull-ups


Toes to bar tester workout (top secret)


Snatch and clean & jerk tester:


0-10: 3 snatches with a 3 second pause in the catch

10-12: Rest

12-22: 2 clean & jerks, all cleans have a 1 second pause at the knee and in the split of the jerk


30 muscle-ups for time or 30 pull-ups and 30 dips for time





5 pull-ups + 10 push-ups + 15 air squats



1:00 on : 1:00 off for 10 sets

Max metres row or ski


CrossFit Putney Bleep Test

Minute 1: 1 burpee over bar + 1 power clean & push jerk

Minute 2: 2 burpees over bar + 2 power clean & push jerks

Minute 3: 3 burpees over bar + 3 power clean & push jerks

*until failure

*Rx = 60/40kg


Olympic Weightlifting

(testing is on week commencing 22nd May)

1RM snatch

1RM clean & jerk

1RM front squat



(testing is on week commencing 22nd May)

3:00 unbroken farmers hold

10RM back squat

5RM weighted dip

5RM weighted supinated pull-up

5RM deficit deadlift



Handstand month! Getting upside down and getting comfortable with it. Benefit from a completely stronger upper body thanks to more durability and mobility in the wrists, shoulders and some improved coordination from learning to control your body whilst it’s the wrong way up! These classes will guide you through handstand holds, push-ups and walking, to give you a complete toolbox at your disposal to keep you progressing for many years to come.

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