Head Coach Monthly News - August

August 3, 2023



Firstly, we’re going to be including a benchmark classic every month, and we’re kicking it off with a bang; Fran. Fran was my first experience of CrossFit, and it was a humbler, and it was also one of the reasons that kept me coming back. Retesting these is what makes CrossFit measurable - repeating something allows us to see our progress. Eventually we’ll be rolling through the same benchmarks again, so everyone can see themselves trending in the right direction. Howeve , don’t get too tied up to this. Life isn’t linear, so you can’t always come back to something expecting things to be better than before. Whilst we might be striving for it - it just isn’t like that. Late nights at work or up with the kids, stressful days or niggles we’re working through can all be a reason for us to have not put in the hours we wanted to and ultimately why things might not be going ‘up.’ That’s okay, putting in consistent effort (which is different for everyone) is the ultimate goal, and not simply performance. So, try not to shy away when these come around, it isn’t an objective marker for where you are in life!


Strength this month is a match made in heaven with the squat clean and deadlift. Getting strong at your pulling makes your squat clean ‘pull’ feel light - which means you can move heavier loads faster. Along with last month’s front squat strength, you can expect that 1RM to go up! Skill development isn’t a new one, but we’re going to make more of a structured test that can be completed whenever you want, to gauge where you’re at. A max unbroken handstand walk - who’s in? Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of going upside down, we’ve got plenty of alternatives where you won’t be forced to invert yourself!


Wait, does this mean these are the only things we’re working on for an entire month? No! Definitely not. We’ll still see our usual variations, whole-body strength and fitness development that we’re used to. We’re just throwing in a little extra focus on some areas.


Next, how about a monthly mental gut-check? A Hero or CrossFit Games workout, every month. These workouts are a bit more potent than the usual, so make sure you’ve had some sustenance before heading into these. However, don’t be flustered, just like any class there will be plenty of adjustments to movements, intensity and volume so they’re made suitable for all abilities. These workouts will be announced every month via the Head Coaches email. Keep on the lookout on WodBoard though, because who knows which class they’re going to show up in!


More changes are coming, this time to our Gymnastics classes. Each month these will now be designed as progressions based on a benchmark gymnastics workout, developing multiple elements at once, with a chance to test at the end of the month. Mary isn’t a good friend of mine, but every revisit for me has been a good reminder that I’ve needed, so I’m hoping you’ll feel the same. Handstand push-ups, single leg squats and pull-ups (or any of their regressed variations) - for a real gymnastics all-rounder! If you’re looking to up your bodyweight CrossFit game, then this month has definitely got you covered.





1RM squat clean

5RM deadlift


Benchmark Classic


For Time:


Thrusters at 40/30kg




Handstand walk


Hero/Games Workout



10 push press at 50/35kg

10 American KB swings at 24/16kg

10 box jump step downs to 24/20”


Olympic Weightlifting

(testing is on week commencing ___)

1RM power snatch

1RM power clean & power jerk



(testing is on week commencing 17th July)

1RM paused weighted pull-up

3RM barbell seated press

10RM barbell reverse lunge





5 handstand push-ups

10 single leg squats

15 pull-ups


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