Head Coach Monthly News - May

May 7, 2023



(Murph Prep and Continued Base Building)

We’re closing in on the second half of our ‘base strength and endurance’ phase. That means we’ll be seeing some harder efforts over the next few weeks, with longer workouts and high reps, to keep pushing the foundation that allows us to stack up our abilities. Not to forget we’re getting plenty of Murph prep involved! Perfect timing with what we’re focussing on, high reps and lots of work, as Murph is coming up on the 29th May, which is the second week that we’ll be retesting a handful of what we got stuck into at the start of April. If you want to see exactly what we’re working towards and re-testing, then continue reading!

As for our build and weightlifting classes, we’ll of course continue building for the benchmarks we set out in April. As for these, we’ll be testing and retesting at the end of the 8 weeks - so we’ll be seeing all of the below on the weeks commencing 22nd and 29th May.

Base Strength

Back squat 10RM

Front squat 8RM

Deadlift 6RM

Strict press 10RM

Weighted pull-up 5RM

Skills Testing

Max kipping/butterfly pull-ups

Toes to bar tester workout (top secret)

Snatch and clean & jerk tester:


0-10: 3 snatches with a 3 second pause in the catch

10-12: Rest

12-22: 2 clean & jerks, all cleans have a 1 second pause at the knee and in the split of the jerk

30 muscle-ups for time or 30 pull-ups and 30 dips for time




5 pull-ups + 10 push-ups + 15 air squats


1:00 on : 1:00 off for 10 sets

Max metres row or ski

CrossFit Putney Bleep Test

Minute 1: 1 burpee over bar + 1 power clean & push jerk

Minute 2: 2 burpees over bar + 2 power clean & push jerks

Minute 3: 3 burpees over bar + 3 power clean & push jerks

*until failure

*Rx = 60/40kg

(testing is on week commencing 22nd May)

Olympic Weightlifting

(testing is on week commencing 22nd May)

1RM snatch

1RM clean & jerk

1RM front squat


(testing is on week commencing 22nd May)

3:00 unbroken farmers hold

10RM back squat - Weds

5RM weighted dip

5RM weighted supinated pull-up - Weds

5RM deficit deadlift


Pull-up month! Chin over the bar time? Chest to bar time? Whatever pull-up type you’re looking to improve upon, this is the month for you. Get stronger and more skillful with our weekly gymnastic sessions that are designed to help you outgrow your boundaries.

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