Head Coach Monthly News - September

September 7, 2023



Some classic workouts in CrossFit as well as much-loved 1RMs, a build cycle to take your full-body strength to new levels and a hero workout to push your limits - could you ask for anything else this month? September is all about putting in some really solid work, and I feel there's a perfect explanation that captures what we're up to; 'most people overestimate what you can do in a day, but underestimate what you can do in a year.' Whilst we're not coming at it from a perspective of a yearly block, we are taking the approach that the single things we do per day can be elevated, and the accumulation of excellence will propel us much further than trying to do more than we're capable of in a single day.


Have you ever seen a workout and thought, 'that does't look like much, or it doesn't look so bad'? Next thing you know.


It's one of the most challenging workouts yet, or the most fun, or the most you've learnt in a single class, or even a combination of them all! Week to week, month to month and even year to year, we vary what we do, and for good reason. We go through phases of more work than usual to less work, from high reps to low, from some strength to a lot, to a little, from skills in isolation to skills under fatigue, to complimentary movements to non-complimentary movements, task priority to time, load focused to quality focused, and the list goes on. This is no different, whilst it might look like we're taking a way a little in some classes, we're adding a lot. You'll notice extra coaching attention, new tips you've haven't had before, that extra bit of time to develop a movement before just jumping straight into a workout and doing the same progression for months on end. With this comes an additional level of intention, an elevated focus that allows us to progress faster, and to make the workouts we are performing - more intense. As well as allowing us to be more invested in the coming days, so not worrying about residual fatigue. This means if one day is long, expect the next to be a bit shorter, or a bit heavier. With the next being something different again, so we're not consistently depleting our resources by doing the same things too frequently - that we're not able to recover!


Enough of the thought-splurge, I think you get the idea. Here are the exciting things to look forward to this month:




5RM back squat

1RM snatch

Classic Testers:


Partner Jackie

Fight Gone Bad


Press from L-sit



For Time


1:00 handstand hold


25 muscle-ups


1:00 handstand hold



1RM deadlift

1RM bench press

1RM front squat


Olympic Weightlifting

1RM snatch balance

Max load: Clean + front squat + front squat + jerk + jerk


Hero Workout


Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
150 double-unders
50 push-ups
15 power cleans

*Rx = 84/55kg

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