March 2024 Programming Blog

March 6, 2024

As we've laid out a great base of strength and endurance in the last couple of months, we can now start to focus on blending those things together and mixing it up a bit more. As we know, CrossFit isn't about just a few attributes in isolation, but is about being able to perform a broad range of tasks in particularly untraditional formats - such as performing strength work under fatigue, practicing skills against the clock and many, many other ways. Quintessential CrossFit some might say!


And the secret that we have that others don't, is that we've all experienced how powerful it is. I can't count how many of us have performed a max effort lift 'at the end of a workout' (or during) and still managed to hit a new personal best. My theory is that sometimes that extra fatigue forces us to be more efficient in the way we move (not consciously I should add) and that helps us to perform better than ever. At least that's one of many theories.


Anyway, this all means that yes we will continue to see touches on our base work (longer workouts and isolated strength and skills), but more of a cohesive approach compared to the previous couple of months. As an example, Tuesday 5th workout that included moderate to heavy back squats paired with ring dips, against the clock. We'll see similar combinations become more of a regular thing as we continue to develop our fitness to be as broad as possible.


Time for the details, here are the benchmarks and priority focuses this month at CrossFit Putney:



Classic Workouts

Nasty Girls

Heavy Nancy



Snatch Complex

Back Squat 10-rep max

Gymnastics Ring complex



Handstand hold


Hero Workout



30 double-unders

8 squat cleans at 70/50kg

11 hand release push-ups


Olympic Weightlifting

Overhead Squat 3-rep max

Power Snatch 1-rep max

Behind the Neck Split Jerk 1-rep max

Pause Front Squat 1-rep max



5-rep max deadlift

3-rep max back squat

5-rep max bench DB press

5-rep max pull-up



10 Rounds For Time:
3 bar muscle-ups
6 strict handstand push-ups

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