Monthly Programming - November

November 2, 2022


Our Olympic Weightlifting classes will begin to see plenty more RMs (rep maxes) and higher % lifts to squeeze out the strength and speed that we’ve built, so expect 3RMs and 2RMs across multiple movements in the coming weeks. This is best done at a lower volume so expect plenty of solid warm-ups and less working sets than we’re currently used to.

Build classes will see a similar theme as we’re getting closer to seeing our new RM’s, we’ll need to work on those heavier and more challenging sets to maximise our strength and newly built muscle. So don’t shy away from pushing those 9/10 efforts when you see the 10RM rows and presses, and definitely keep the effort going for the low RM bench press and pull-ups!

In CrossFit we’ve seen a big ramp-up in volume of upper body work recently, which is to help us break new barriers when coming up against ‘The Assassin’ in a few weeks time. You’ll be facing some high rep gymnastic testers just before you get to retest it. Not to forget ‘The Cannon’ preparations coming up; how many dual DB clean and jerks do you think you’ve got in the tank after a solid handful of bike calories? Our CrossFit strength development is seeing a deload for our deadlifts this week so we’re fresh for next week's 3x1 at 9/10 effort. We’ll see a reintroduction of a beloved squat variation to help our final weeks of thruster development to help us hit new maxes, and we’ll get plenty more chances to be upside down before seeing how far we’ve come in our handstands. Lastly, we’ve got some seriously fast rowing and ski-erg action coming up with 150m time trial repeats - what’s the lowest number you’ve pulled? Because it’s about to get lower!

And if that’s not enough of what’s to come, have a look at exactly what we’ll be testing in a few weeks as it’s outlined below.

Olympic Weightlifting

1RM snatch & CJ

Weeks 5-8

  • Strength & speed progressions
  • Moderate reps with movement combinations, moderate intensity and volume

Weeks 9-10

  • Peak & test
  • High intensity with low volume


Front squat 1RM + AMRAP/ 80%

Bench press 5RM

Strict press 10RM

Weighted pull-up 1RM + AMRAP/ 50%

Barbell row 10RM

Romanian deadlift 4RM

Weeks 5-7

  • Moderate reps with conventional movements
  • Moderate intensity with moderate volume

Weeks 8-10

  • Low reps with specialised movements
  • High intensity with moderate volume
  • Peak & test



Thruster 3RM

Deadlift 1RM


Handstand hold


500m row

Classic CF:

‘The Assassin’
4 Rounds For Time

20 push-up
15 pull-up
10 dual DB push press
5 burpee box jump to 32/24"

Rx: 2x22.5/15kg DBs
Rx+: handstand push-up over push press & muscle-up (ring/bar) over burpees
Time cap: 16 minutes


5 Rounds For Max Reps

Minute 1: 12/9 calorie echo bike
Minute 2: Single arm Devil's press
Minute 3: 16/12 calorie bike-erg
Minute 4: Dual DB hang power clean & push jerk
Minute 5: Rest

Rx: 2x22.5/15kg
Rx+: +4/3 calories per machine, per round

Weeks 5-8

  • Density training - low to moderate intensity reps with high volume

Weeks 9-10

  • Low reps with specialised movements
  • High intensity with low to moderate volume
  • Peak & test

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