Monthly Programming - September

September 9, 2022


We’re making some changes to how we provide you with insights to the classes and how each of them is programmed. This is to help you, so you can pick what aligns best with your goals, and you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Don’t worry if this comes across as jargon to you - the actual classes themselves have been planned this way for the previous 6 months, we’re just giving you more information on them, the classes themselves aren’t changing! These focuses will begin next week!

Olympic Weightlifting

1RM snatch & CJ

Weeks 1-4

  • Tech improvement & bodybuilding focus
  • Higher reps with low intensity and high volume
  • Individualised adjustments for technical development

Weeks 5-8

  • Strength & speed progressions
  • Moderate reps with movement combinations, moderate intensity and volume

Weeks 9-10

  • Peak & test
  • High intensity with low volume


Front squat 1RM + AMRAP/ 80%

Bench press 5RM

Strict press 10RM

Weighted pull-up 1RM + AMRAP/ 50%

Barbell row 10RM

Romanian deadlift 4RM

Weeks 1-4

  • Higher reps with unconventional movements
  • Lower intensity, high volume

Weeks 5-7

  • Moderate reps with conventional movements
  • Moderate intensity with moderate volume

Weeks 8-10

  • Low reps with specialised movements
  • High intensity with moderate volume
  • Peak & test



Thruster 3RM

Deadlift 1RM


Handstand hold


500m row

Classic CF:

‘The Assassin’


Weeks 1-4

  • Establish baseline and use % progressions with moderate volume
  • Specialised flexibility movements
  • Develop pacing awareness and strategies

Weeks 5-8

  • Density training - low to moderate intensity reps with high volume

Weeks 9-10

  • Low reps with specialised movements
  • High intensity with low to moderate volume
  • Peak & test

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