November 2023 Programming Blog

September 27, 2023

Consistency Wins


Winter for me has now become a time to focus on consistency, which usually rewards me with my biggest wins of the year. Going 'all in' may seem like the way to go, but it's usually just a fast-track route to burning out and then waiting months until I've mustered up the courage to try it again. If you're anything like me, this year is different! Consistency wins, every single time. Let's not get caught up in optimisation, perfectionism and 'could/should' be XYZ. Let's look at our health and fitness with a fresh perspective this winter, 'what can I do every week, that I can maintain throughout the entire winter?' - this, is how we make huge gains (and you thought I was going to say maintain what we have).


With the final couple months of 2023 ahead of us, let's not throw them to the wayside. I believe that your 2023 goals don't end here, so take control of them this winter by utilising the classes and everything that we have to offer. Whether you're just around the corner from nailing that gymnastics skill, a squat personal best, unlocking that new yoga pose or want keep racking up Sweat classes, you know we've got you covered.


Here's exactly what's coming up in classes this month at CrossFit Putney:




1RM Hang Snatch

2RM Back Squat

1RM Floor Press

Classic Testers:

Handstand Walk Helen




Handstand Walk



For Time


Bar Muscle-Ups


Straddle Press to Handstand



3RM Front Squat

3RM Weighted Dip

3RM Seated Barbell Press

Chin-up Volume Focus

5RM Barbell Glute Bridge


Olympic Weightlifting

1RM No Contact Snatch

1RM Pause Clean


Hero Workout



2 muscle-ups

4 handstand push-ups

8 American KB swings at 32/24kg

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